MLB 2K10 Patch #2 Details

Posted May 20th, 2010 at 4:01 pm

2K Sports has released the breakdown of improvements being made via the upcoming patch for MLB 2K10. This is the second patch that incorporates feedback on the game for the 360. And, sadly, this represents the first patch for the PS3 version. Two and a half months post-release.

Continue on for the full list of patch notes. It will appear more extensive than it is because the list includes everything that was fixed in the first 360 patch while representing the complete layout for the PS3 patch. It should be arriving within the next week or so but no date is confirmed yet. As always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

• Fixed Inside Edge Batter Breakdown letter grade assignments.
• The correct ‘Player of Game’ was not consistently being chosen.
• Player of Game not consistent for all dialogs & audio
• Fix for bug where head morphs changed when changing hair-style/length in create a player, also addresses extremely odd looking faces generated using randomize head option in create a player.
• Post Season pause menu stat issue – batting averages will be from the season, not post season as it should be.
• The loading screen would display a playoff *race* key game message, rather than a playoff key game message.
• In ReelMaker a wipe would not appear properly the first time, but it appeared if you played the reel again.
• There was a case where the user had to press the button through button twice to advance to the next pitch. The intended behavior is to only have to press the button once.
• There was a stray camera cut after action replays, before advancing to the next batter.
• Fixes a bug with player stat leaderboards over specific timeframes: Last 10 Games, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month
• Breaking the consecutive game hit streak record was not being recorded and displayed on the Records screen.
• Bug where batting averages like .27777778 were not rounded up to .278 in the batter intro overlay when displaying split stats like “career vs. pitcher”.
• Bug where franchise and career modes would display the incorrect year that players won a Gold Glove (shown in-game as “Top Fielder”) award.
• Fixed a crash when trying to play a game after downloading a roster update if you have a user created team.
• Fixed a crash where the game crashes shortly after entering gameplay with the same Playlist selected for every event in All Ballparks in the Ballpark Music Manager.
• Show the batting handedness on the pause summary screen instead of the player numbers
• Fixed a bug so that the limit of the number unique user player names is now 1250.
• Fixed a bug so that when the player picks a name that is already in our name database that it does not count as one of the 1250 unique user player names.
• Show the pitcher Energy instead of stamina in the Pitcher Warmup and Pitcher Substitution screens

• Added Check Swings.
• AI Pitcher will no longer throw special pitches in a clutch moment (intentional walks, etc.).
• Fixed batter batting without a bat.
• Improved wall climbs and catches at the wall.
• Strike Zones are updated when a pinch hitter is brought in.
• User was unable to throw after queuing a throw before playing a wall collision animation.
• Composure is always affected on a mound visit.
• The fielding shadow was not drawing correctly vertically against walls.
• Show the pitch break arrows in two player games.
• CPU pitchers were staying in too long/throwing too many pitches.
• Sometimes a player wouldn’t do a celebration.
• Incorrect 1st baseman behavior when a runner tried to advance from 3rd to home just as the 1B caught the ball.
• Umpires faced the wrong way when a runner stole 2nd
• Players would occasionally be called out on 2-man steal/pickoff animations when the ball didn’t actually touch them
• There were several issues with double play behavior when one of the players was significantly out of position
• Players had a hard time making running tags
• Outfielders would occasionally play a casual-looking queued throw animation while there was a runner advancing
• The user would occasionally be unable to throw the ball to 1st base after fielding the ball and stomping on 2nd for a double play
• Increased difficulty to paint corners with lower rated pitchers.
• Fixed a bug where the pitcher’s stamina was not being updated when you simulated.
• Tuned steal success rate – made it a bit easier to successfully steal.
• Tuned pickoff abilities – lowered the probability that the users will get picked off at 2nd base.
• Tuned the distance where the AI will not throw to the cutoff man.
• Tuned it so that the AI will throw home on SAC fly situations instead of throwing to another base
• Lowered the arm strength of infielders and outfielders
• Changed fielder speed to 20 in the preset difficulty for default values
• Improved the tagging logic so the catcher attempts tags on players coming home on all throws and close plays
• Fixed a bug where pitchers were regaining stamina once they reached stamina of 25.

My Player
• Fix for a bug in My Player where the “Break a MLB single season record” hall of fame goal was not being marked as completed when the user broke a single season record.
• Fix for a bug in My Player where broken pitching records were labeled as hitter records and broken hitting records were labeled as pitcher records on the timeline.
• The spotlight indicator option was not working, when you turned it off in My Player Setup Options it was still appearing.
• When playing as a catcher in My Player when you had to field bunts they were being hit to hard and the pitcher was fielding them.
• There was a crash when returning to landing screen after first round playoff games in career mode when you have a post season goal.
• My Player: The camera is fixed / focused on a patch of grass / the field as the Game recap screen transitions onto the screen at the ending of a My player game and
• My Player not always being put in appropriate place to see him when we draw the End Game recap in My Player games.
• Base coaches are in sitting pose during clutch moments in My Player.
• Made it so that the season awards don’t show up until at least 80% of the season has been played.
• Fixed crash bug that was unrecoverable when requesting a trade in My Player and there was a key game next in the schedule
• Added an additional achievement reward for advancing a base through any means. This provides more incentive to stay on the bases and try to advance.
• Beating your record you currently hold no longer unlocks the goal multiple times.
• When your season goal was to be the MVP the landing screen was showing your MVP score instead of MVP rank. It is now showing the MVP rank so it is clear.
• Tuned the manager AI for removing the player as the starting pitcher. The manager AI now takes the player out sooner and more appropriately based on both performance and pitch count.

Franchise Mode
• Adjusted the possible pitch speeds for new pitchers generated by the simulator.
• Adjusted the rating systems for the Award races
• Adjusted the retirement checks, players were staying in the league to long
• Adjusted progression so it is near impossible to improve in the decline phase of a player career
• Reduced the number of home runs by low rated players in the simulator
• Fixed bug to so team no longer have more than 25 man on roster when they should not
• Removed progression of stealing aggressiveness
• Added player potential onto the player card inside of franchise mode.
• Fixed crash on the menu when simulating on the league page and cycling through the teams.
• Improved a problem where players with unique likeness (player heads) are being loaded into gameplay with generic heads. We now ensure that all the players on the starting lineup for the teams have their unique player heads loaded.

• Online divergence bug caused by split stats being enabled in online games.

The community was quick to notice the lack of mention regarding injuries and errors. 2K released the following response.

For the patch we investigated all possible options for getting errors and injuries working properly but were not able to find a solution for the patch. There are limitations on what we can change in the game for the patches and this was too complicated and large of a change to implement. The proper fix for errors and injuries requires additional animations and we are unable to add animations into our game for a patch. Our team is currently working on implementing both errors and injuries into the game for the upcoming year.