NBA Jam Catchphrase Tournament Field Set

Posted May 24th, 2010 at 7:04 pm

After receiving over 3000 submissions for the NBA Jam catchphrase contest EA Sports has narrowed it down to a field of 64. The four brackets each receive their own day this week to accept voting on the first round matchups. The catchphrase that eventually comes out of each bracket will be included in the game.

The catchphrases aren’t just laid out in text but they were recorded by the voice of the game Tim Kitzrow and you can listen to audio for each one. You can check them all out on the game’s Facebook page where the voting will begin tomorrow.

I’m not sure how I’ll be able to choose between “droppin’ a deuce” and “stuffed tighter than a turkey” in Tuesday’s bracket. Gotta love “no shoot for you” as the standout on Wednesday. Thursday has a line that includes a baby crying which sold me. Friday probably presents “the ball is in…he’s got a pair” as the favorite in that bracket. There are several entertaining lines that would really fit in the game. What are your favorites in each region?