Update on UFC 2010 Issues

Posted May 29th, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Though the early days have been rough for the sophomore year of the UFC franchise a response to some of the issues being had recently arrived and provides some hope for a turnaround. Through a posting on the UFC 2010 Undipsuted community site troubling areas with the game such as online stability, exploits, and feedback related gameplay fixes are discussed.

Top critical issues such as Super CAF’s with respect to point distribution methods, Lyoto’s instant-takedown (and all others like it), omoplata submission cancel that returns fighters to standing, are all being heavily looked in to by the dev team right now with the right assessments and fixes necessary. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg amongst many other fine-tuning/technical issues being delved into thanks nearly 100% to your continued community feedback.

It is also noted that a fighter attribute updated has been delivered. While online play has improved some it still has a lot to be desired and the gameplay flaws have led to angst within the community. Hopefully THQ comes through with the fixes to improve the experience and soon. Given this is their flagship title one would expect all resources to be used to do so. At the very least now the lines of communication have opened which is an encouraging sign.