Looking at the NBA Elite 11 Poll Results

Posted June 1st, 2010 at 12:14 pm

While opinions will obviously change over time as more information comes out and the changes are demonstrated within the game the first reactions to ideas can be pretty telling. After the news broke about NBA Elite 11 (formerly NBA Live) I got up a set of polls and with a few days having passed the results can be examined. Few like the name change, most everyone likes the idea of real-time physics being added, and there is a pretty even split when it comes to right stick usage.

That results regarding the right analog stick mirrors the reaction back when the news that Fight Night Round 4 got it that it had gone all analog for controls. Just about half seemed to like it while the other half was in an uproar over the decision. Eventually EA Sports patched back in a button control scheme so it is unlikely we would see the same mistake made here. Certainly there will be a more standard control option offered. However as I mentioned in the latest Padrecast the game will be optimized to play with the analog scheme and the development time is being dedicated to that so it will affect everyone regardless.

Name change from NBA Live to NBA Elite

Addition of Real-Time Physics

Right Analog Stick Functions