Patch for UFC 2010 Close To Being Submitted

Posted June 5th, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Much has been said about all the major issues with UFC 2010 Undisputed and subsequently the disappointing sales that have followed. Now in a tough spot THQ has at least been responsive in regards to fixing some of those issues that have plagued the game and frustrated its fans. Online play has improved some and gameplay problems have been under the spotlight.

In a post on the community site it is stated that a patch is being worked on with plans to submit it to Microsoft and Sony for certification this coming week. The certification process generally takes upwards of two weeks. That would make the release of the patch likely to happen in the back end of the month.

Since launch, the dev team has been working tirelessly on the myriad of hot button issues I’ve addressed in previous posts. They are currently creating a patch. A few standout recent updates from the latest patch process:

* Ranked online issues have been fixed and connectivity is still being worked on
* Super CAF’s are absolutely being addressed
* Automatic takedown moves are being adjusted so they no long impact the match significantly

Those are some of the heavy hitter issues the dev team has fixed in our patch branch, not live yet of course. They are also working on a bunch of other fixes, the ones above are the clear major standouts however.

Ironically some of the biggest gameplay frustrations (Machica takedown, omoplata) were spotted by the community with the demo only to be told by the devs that they weren’t actually problems. At least they have come around to identify them as such. Hopefully along with the fixes to gameplay and online performance the online records (ranked, Fight Camps) will be wiped clean. That wasn’t done last year despite the issues with fight results recording properly.