Manage Your NCAA 11 Dynasty Online

Posted June 9th, 2010 at 1:26 pm

One of the biggest disappointments with NCAA Football’s Online Dynasty mode the past two years has been the lack of a web presence. That appears to be changing with NCAA Football 11 as the game will allow for users to manage their schools though the EA Sports World site. It won’t be just limited to viewing stats as there will be the ability to recruit, write and read news stories, work to schedule games, and more.

In addition to the basics in managing online dynasties on the web all saved highlights, and not just from the user’s team but others involved in the dynasty, can be used for news stories. Check out the full article going into greater detail over at ESPN.

One of the biggest things is that you can do all of your recruiting on the Web. Everything you can do to recruit players in the game is now online. You can search for players, look through all their details, check their ratings, add them to your board, move them around your board, and even make phone calls. Basically, you never have to do recruiting on the console again if you don’t want to. We took everything and moved it online, and actually some things are actually easier to do now.

This is a pretty big addition and would appear to remove some of the tedious nature out of Dynasty by allowing for the recruiting to be completed on the web instead of the console. What do you think of all this? Leave your thoughts in the comments!