NCAA Football 11 Team Ratings

Posted June 16th, 2010 at 8:14 pm

Here is the complete listing of team ratings in NCAA Football 11. Each team is given a grade for overall, offense, and defense. (Update) Looks like I did miss a few schools in the As, I apologize for those omissions.

School – Overall – Offense – Defense
Army D+, C, C+
Auburn B, B+, B+
Ball State D, D+, D
Baylor B-, B, C+
Boise State A-, A+, B+
Boston College B, B+, B+
Bowling Green D+, C-, D+
Buffalo D+, C-, C-
California B, B+, B+
Central Michigan C+, C, C+
Cincinnati B, A-, B-
Clemson B+, B+, B+
Colorado B-, B-, B-
Colorado State C+, B-, C+
Connecticut C+, B-, C+
Duke C+, B-, C+
ECU C+, B-, C
Eastern Michigan D, D, D
Florida A-, A-, A-
Florida Atlantic D, C-, D
FIU D, D+, D+
Florida State B+, A-, B
Fresno State C+, B-, C
Georgia B+, A-, B+
Georgia Tech B+, B+, B+
Hawaii C, C+, C
Houston B-, B+, C
Idaho C-, C, C-
Illinois C+, C+, C+
Indiana B-, B, C+
Iowa B+, A-, B+
Iowa State B-, B, B-
Kansas B-, B-, B-
Kansas State B-, B-, B-
Kent State D, C-, D+
Kentucky B-, B, B-
Louisiana Tech C-, C, D+
Louisville C+, B-, C+
LSU A-, A-, A-
Marshall C+, B-, C+
Maryland B-, B, B-
Memphis C, C+, C
Miami A-, A, B+
Miami (OH) D, D+, C-
Michigan B, B+, B
Michigan State B, B+, B
Mid Tenn State C, C+, C+
Minnesota B, B, B
Mississippi State B, B-, B+
Missouri B, B+, B-
Navy C+, B, C+
NC State B-, B, C+
Nebraska B+, A-, B+
Nevada C+, B, C
New Mexico D+, D+, C
New Mexico State D, D+, D
North Carolina A-, B, A
North Texas C-, C, C-
Notre Dame B, B+, B
Northwestern B-, B-, B
Northern Illinois C, C, C
Ohio C-, C, C-
Ohio State A, A+, A
Oklahoma A, A, A-
Oklahoma State B+, A-, B+
Ole Miss B, B+, B+
Oregon State B+, A-, B+
Oregon B+, A-, B+
Penn State A-, A, B+
Pittsburgh B+, A-, B+
Purdue B-, B, B-
Rice D, C-, D+
Rutgers B, B+, B
San Diego State C, C+, C
San Jose State D, D, D+
SMU C+, C+, C+
South Carolina B, B, B
Southern Miss C+, B-, C+
Stanford B+, A-, B+
Syracuse C+, B-, C+
TCU B+, A, B+
Temple C, C+, C
Tennessee B, B, B+
Texas A-, A, A-
Texas A&M B+, A-, B
Texas Tech B, A-, B-
Toledo C-, C, C-
Troy C, B-, C
Tulane D+, C-, C-
Tulsa C+, B-, C
UAB C+, C+, C+
UCF B-, B-, B
UCLA B-, B, B-
UL Lafayette C-, C, C-
UL Monroe D, C-, D
UNLV C-, C, C-
USC A-, A, B+
USF C+, B-, C+
Utah B, B+, B
Utah State D+, C-, D+
UTEP C, B-, C-
Vanderbilt B-, B, B-
Virginia B-, C+, B
Virginia Tech B+, A, B+
Wake Forest B-, B, B
Washington B+, A-, B+
Washington State C+, B-, C+
West Virginia B+, A-, B+
Western Kentucky D, D, D
Western Michigan C-, C, C-
Wisconsin A-, A, B+

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