NCAA Football 11 Team-By-Team List of Offensive Styles

Posted June 18th, 2010 at 11:27 am

Earlier I posted up the team ratings for overall, offense, and defense in NCAA Football 11. Now here is a list of what offensive style has been assigned to each team. Again sorry for the handful of schools that were missed in the As. There are eight different types of offenses. By far the two most popular are Pro and Spread, with only a couple teams running the Option, Pistol, and Run and Shoot. As always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Army (Option)
Auburn (Spread)
Ball State (One Back)
Baylor (Spread)
Boise State (Pro)
Boston College (One Back)
Bowling Green (Spread)
Buffalo (Spread)
BYU (Air Raid)
California (Pro)
Central Michigan (Spread)
Cincinnati (Spread)
Clemson (Spread)
Colorado (Pro)
Colorado State (Pro)
Connecticut (Pro)
Duke (Multiple)
ECU (Air Raid)
Eastern Michigan (One Back)
Florida (Spread)
Florida Atlantic (Pro)
FIU (Spread)
Florida State (Multiple)
Fresno State (Pro)
Georgia (Pro)
Georgia Tech (Option)
Hawaii (Run and Shoot)
Houston (Air Raid)
Idaho (One Back)
Illinois (Pro)
Indiana (Pistol)
Iowa (Pro)
Iowa State (Spread)
Kansas (Multiple)
Kansas State (Multiple)
Kent State (Spread)
Kentucky (Pro)
Louisiana Tech (Air Raid)
Louisville (Spread)
LSU (Multiple)
Marshall (Spread)
Maryland (Pro)
Memphis (One Back)
Miami (Pro)
Miami OH (One Back)
Michigan (Spread)
Michigan State (Pro)
Mid Tenn State (Air Raid)
Minnesota (Pro)
Mississippi State (Spread)
Missouri (Spread)
Navy (Option)
NC State (Multiple)
Nebraska (Pro)
Nevada (Pistol)
New Mexico (Spread)
New Mexico State (Spread)
North Carolina (Pro)
North Texas (Spread)
Notre Dame (Spread)
Northwestern (Spread)
Northern Illinois (Multiple)
Ohio (Pistol)
Ohio State (Multiple)
Oklahoma (Multiple)
Oklahoma State (Air Raid)
Ole Miss (Pro)
Oregon State (One Back)
Oregon (Spread)
Penn State (Multiple)
Pittsburgh (Pro)
Purdue (Multiple)
Rice (Spread)
Rutgers (Pro)
San Diego State (Pro)
San Jose State (Multiple)
SMU (Run and Shoot)
South Carolina (Pro)
Southern Miss (Spread)
Stanford (Pro)
Syracuse (Pro)
TCU (Spread)
Temple (Multiple)
Tennessee (Pro)
Texas (Spread)
Texas A&M (Pro)
Texas Tech (Air Raid)
Toledo (Spread)
Troy (Air Raid)
Tulane (Pro)
Tulsa (Spread)
UAB (Spread)
UCF (Pro)
UCLA (Pro)
UL Lafayette (Spread)
UL Monroe (Spread)
UNLV (Multiple)
USC (Pro)
USF (Spread)
Utah (Spread)
Utah State (Spread)
UTEP (One Back)
Vanderbilt (Spread)
Virginia (Pro)
Virginia Tech (Pro)
Wake Forest (Multiple)
Washington (Pro)
Washington State (One Back)
West Virginia (Spread)
Western Kentucky (Pro)
Western Michigan (Pro)
Wisconsin (Pro)

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