Patch for UFC 2010 Now Available (360)

Posted June 25th, 2010 at 1:34 pm

The UFC 2010 Undisputed patch that arrived earlier this week for the PS3 went live for the 360 today. Response towards the patch from the PS3 side has ranged from being marginally positive to largely indifferent. As suspected the issues at release seems to have really dampened excitement around the title in general. Despite the relatively impressive turnaround on the patch taking just a month it may end up being too little too late.

Continue on for the patch list which highlights the main adjustments made though it does not represent the entirety of what is included in the patch. The online stats have yet to be reset but that supposedly will happen at some point. For those of you playing with the patch applied what do you think? As always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Ranked and Player Match matchmaking – increase the success rate of joining online matches.
  • Changes online point system so that players lose Ranked match points upon disconnecting.
  • Removes instant takedowns. All takedowns now require a struggle.
  • Changes the Omoplata submission so fighters cannot cancel to a standing position.
  • Reduces the success rate of the AI when executing and defending submissions on higher difficulties.
  • Fixes CAF stats so they update correctly when moving to different weight divisions in Career mode.
  • Fixes a bug in Career in which the fighter is demoted to the WFA when he should not.
  • Career Fighters no longer keep their stats when copied to the Create A Fighter mode.
  • Career Fighters can no longer obtain stats of 100 in all categories (i.e. no Super CAFs)