Padrecast: Cut Short Edition

Posted July 19th, 2010 at 10:20 am

The Padrecast is back with Fred and Dylan though tragedy struck and the recording apparently cut off part way through the entertainment discussion. That means you’ll miss out on our usual Ken Jeong update and talk about Pauly Shore’s Adopted which is terribly unfortunate. Since the Comic-Con portion was lost we’ll likely do a short preview Padrecast when down in San Diego later this week. Below is just some of what is talked about over the (now) 31 minute running time. Download the podcast directly from here or listen using the player below!

Sports Gaming
Thoughts on NCAA Football 11
Madden 11 demo details
NCAA 11 downloadable content/online pass
Tiger Woods sales plummet

Re-casting of The Hulk in The Avengers
Avatar re-release in theaters
Thoughts on Inception and Dinner for Schmucks
New trailers: Devil, Social Network, The Town, Due Date
Looking forward Comic-Con – highly anticipated panels