Expectations Going Into The Madden 11 Demo

Posted July 24th, 2010 at 6:34 am

With the Madden 11 demo set to release on Tuesday I thought it would be interesting to hear what your thoughts are going into it. Some outlets got to try out the demo early and it seems there just isn’t a whole lot of enthusiasm towards the game this year. That matches up with the response coming out of E3.

The demo is structured well and with five minute quarters provides an opportunity to actually get into the flow of the game. For some that should show off the benefits of the GameFlow feature while others may already figure out it’s not for them. Gameplay will likely feel similar to that of NCAA Football 11 due to the locomotion improvements, though at E3 Madden felt a little slower and more deliberate.

My overriding feeling for some time has been that there really isn’t anything terribly compelling about Madden 11. I did really enjoy Madden 10, and had looked forward to the next iteration but where the focus went in development (trying to pick up new casual consumers) and the final feature set that came out of that sunk my excitement. Instead I already envision spending much more time with NCAA than Madden, and that is saying something, since I’m much more into the NFL than college football.

So what are you looking for out of the demo? Is it going to be a determining factor in purchasing the game or are you already decided? Leave your thoughts in the comments!