Backbreaker Patch Details

Posted August 2nd, 2010 at 10:42 am

The full details on the patch for Backbreaker were delivered today with the patch likely to be released within the next week or two. While the patch appears to be extensive the question remains as to its effectiveness. The game was under development for such a lengthy period of time yet released with a myriad of severe issues and core deficiencies that one has to wonder how much could really change with the work of about another month and a half. Continue on to check out the full list of changes and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Key Additions
Brand new replay camera suite
• New free-flight camera
• Sideline and Endzone cameras including ball lock, pan and tele-zoom function
• Two new player-centric cameras including zoom and rotation function
• Ball camera including zoom and rotate
• Complete replay suite functionality added to Tackle Alley
• Added pause/play to all replay cameras for greater footage control
• Added ability to remove OSD for clean footage capture
Offensive Gameplay Camera

The camera on offense has been pulled back and raised a little. This still keeps the feeling of being down in the action, but provides a slightly wider view and vision over the line.

Expanded Playbook
An Extra 59 Offensive plays consisting of these formations:
• Ace – Double Tight End
• Spread – 4 Wide
• Bunch – Bunch right
• Empty – 5 WR!!
• T-form – Old fashioned power football, 3 running backs in the backfield
An Extra 51 Defensive plays have been included consisting of these formations:
• 44 – 4 Defensive linemen, 4 linebackers.
• 46 – Traditional old school defense born of Buddy Ryan
• 33 – Nickel package with 3 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers
• 3 Deep – 7 defensive backs package with 3 deep across the back.
Gameplay Enhancements

Improved Passing Game & Reduced Interception Frequency
Following valuable feedback from reviews and Backbreaker forums, we managed to tweak elements of the AI and animation that will help make passing a more effective way to gain yards. Here is a summary of the changes:
• We’ve improved the O-Line for teams throughout the game. This will give you a little longer in the pocket to make your reads correctly and go through your progression.
• We’ve increased the passing animation speed and increased the minimum distance where a long windup will be required. You will now be able to execute the pass more quickly and hit your target more effectively.
• There were too many dropped passes to the flats. We’ve introduced a new pass classification for these simple passes and have ramped up the accuracy of the QB when performing this type of pass.
• The accuracy of QBs has been increased across the board.
• Defensive Backs now fully respect their visibility cone, only seeing interception opportunities when appropriate. The DBs will continue with the assigned role until the either “see” the need to change, or “hear” the need to change, which is typically about 1-2 seconds after the snap.
• We’ve tweaked the amount your QB will lead a receiver when activated.
User Interceptions and User Controlled Catching

Following community feedback, the user is now given full control over interception attempts when controlling a defensive player. Interception attempts are made by pressing the left trigger (focus mode), ie. by actively looking towards the ball as it comes in.

Wide Receiver catching in Pro Mode now also uses this mechanic (i.e. press left trigger when ball is approaching). To signal an incoming ball, the user-controlled WR will be highlighted red when targeted by the QB.

QB AI Logic
The QB AI has received a major overhaul. Firstly, the opposition QB will now recognise double coverage better. He is also more likely to throw the ball away rather than risk a throw / take a sack. This results in fewer AI interceptions and sacks. We’ve also reworked the QB receiver selection logic and increased prioritisation of throwing to the primary.

Show and Hide Blitz
New ability to show and hide blitz, pre-snap (RB on Xbox 360 / R1 on PS3).

Jukes and spins

The animation speed of these has been increased and better linked to a player’s agility attribute.

Improved AI Time Management, Audibles and Play-calling
Sophistication of timeout and play selection has been improved. Additionally, the AI is more likely to flip their selected play depending on the situation.

Improved Pocket Protection
Following numerous tweaks, the pocket is more solid. Pocket time now averages around 5 seconds and is all linked to the players’ attributes.

Opposition AI
This has been given an overhaul and you should find your opponent much more of a threat. We’ve also rebalanced Easy, Medium and Hard settings. Also, you should be aware that all of the notes relating to AI, animation and behaviours above will apply to your opponent as well. These are game-wide changes.

New RB Focus Mode

When pressing the left trigger, the camera will turn upfield when the RB is heading towards the sidelines. This is NOT automatic – you need to press the left trigger to manually glance upfield.

Stumble Mechanic

We have added a stumble recovery mechanic for when your player has been knocked off course. To recover from a stumble, just press the Action button as quickly as possible.
Bug Fixes & Other High Priority Issues

Friendly Fire!
Your players occasionally reacted too strongly to friendly physical impact. This happened especially when controlling a RB/FB and clashing with your line. We’ve dialled that back, which should make your running game more effective. Players will still react to the collision but will be less likely to be knocked down

Users have been reporting a multitude of penalty issues. We have done a comprehensive review of all penalty complaints and bugs (including the infamous roughing-the-kicker) and have been able to resolve them. We believe you fill find this drastically improves the quality of the game.

Online Gameplay
• Reduced online lag.
• Built in a new protection against people hacking the game to create a “super team” and taking it online.
• Removed the Cancel Stats Posting option as reported by the forum. People were abusing this to avoid losses showing up in their profile.
• Fixed a number of other stat posting related issues.

D-Line Startup speed
Users playing as part of the D-Line were experiencing a slower-than-desired speed in getting off the mark due to a delay in input control. This has been solved.

Too much Boom!
Stopped “Boom” playing every kickoff. It now only occurs at the start of each half. Yay!

Team Ratings
Offense, Defensive and Overall ratings for teams have been recalculated and are now more accurate.

Play Exploits

Thanks to feedback from the forums we have put tweaks in place to prevent exploits on the following:

• RB spinning through the line
• QB sneak
• FG block
• Punt block
• Nanoblitz

Rule Fixes
• Players must take 2 steps before they gain possession of a caught ball
• Tipped punts and kick-offs that touch receiving team players and subsequently go out the back of the endzone no longer cause safeties (just touchbacks).
• Intentional Grounding penalty now causes a loss of down.
• Scrimmage kicks (punts/field goals) can only be returned by the kicking team if blocked before the line of scrimmage
• Two Minute Warning will only stop the game clock after the play has ended.
• Defensive/Offensive Pass interference rules are turned off when the ball touches a player.
• Pre-snap penalties (Encroachment, Delay of Game, False Start) no longer stop the game clock.
• Touchbacks and Safeties are determined by whoever intentionally touched the ball last, instead of whoever physically touched it last.
• Failed field goals restart at the 20 yard line or the point the ball was kicked from (used to be from the 20 yard line or the previous LoS).
• Improved Pass Interference detection.
• Defensive Holding rule now active during punts.
• Game clock is only stopped by a penalty if it is within the last 2 minutes of the first half, or the last 5 minutes of the second half.
• No longer declaring a pass as incomplete if a player catches it in the air with their feet out of bounds (the feet must be grounded).
• Fumbles on a 4th down, or within the Two Minute Warning, can only be advanced by the Defense or by the player who fumbled the ball.
• Improved the “ball carrier” logic.
• Now awarding a touchback when the punting team catches a non-live ball in the opponent’s endzone
• A ball is only considered blocked/batted if it changes the impetus of the ball.
• Intercepting the ball before your own endzone but being carried into the endzone with momentum will now give a touchback instead of a safety.
• If a QB fumbles a ball while in the motion of throwing (i.e. hands moving forwards), then this is now considered a forward pass.
• Ineligible receiver downfield during a pass down penalty now excludes tight ends.