First NCAA Football 11 Tuner Set Out Now

Posted August 5th, 2010 at 8:12 am

The initial set of “gameplay tuners” for NCAA Football 11 arrived this morning. First introduced in NHL 10, EA Sports can now tweak game settings through the delivery of tuners which don’t have to go through the patch process. That means adjustments can be made and new tuner sets can be sent out whenever deemed necessary without having to go through the certification period or face the restrictions that accompany patches.

This tuner set includes some changes to gameplay based on feedback and looks to fix for the issue with low rated prospects that severely damages dynasty mode once a few years in. There is no need to restart dynasty mode for the changes to take effect! The tuners will not fix issues such as the QB getting stuck in an animation and running backwards for a safety. That will be handled in the upcoming patch which should be out within the next week or two.

During start-up of the game the prompt to download the latest gameplay tuning data will appear. Continue on for the list of changes that are implemented through this set of tuners and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Increased the default starting values for all Recruits.
  • Slightly increased progression for low and mid tier teams.
  • Tuned CPU recruiting to prevent teams from signing too many players at any one particular position.
  • Increased CPU’s focus upon needed positions in recruiting.
  • Top schools will sign 5 star prospects earlier in the season.
  • After a recruit Soft Commits, any CPU team that is not ranked in the top three will spend significantly less time calling the recruit.
  • Addressed an issue with big lineman jumping too high and deflecting passes.
  • Tuned ESPN U Top 150 Players to be more in line with actual top 150 recruits by decreasing the number of Fullbacks and Kickers.  Tuned Field Goal, Kick Offs, and Punting in Super Sim.