Set of Madden 11 Gameplay Videos

Posted August 7th, 2010 at 8:10 pm

The Washington Redskins go on the road to face the Philadelphia Eagles in a set of videos that cover the entirety of the game. It was definitely an entertaining one and for those of you out there who watch through it all I think it shows off some of the mixed bag that is Madden 11. If you watch more selectively I’d suggest the first and fourth videos. I’ve also included a segment of gameplay from a Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders game where I mixed in some Tim Tebow using the formation that is included in the Broncos’ playbook explicitly for him.

Take note of the talk at the opening to the Redskins-Eagles game because it is the same thing for every single game played. I even fired up a Lions-Rams game and Collinsworth went through the very same spiel about Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford being experienced QBs. I was told that there would be a ton of unique openings based on the QB matchups (DoubleT23 on Twitter mentioned there were supposed to be 900+ variations). (Update) I’ve since found one that triggered: Bears vs Packers talking about the NFC North becoming a passing division and Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers being future Hall of Famers.

I’m guessing this is a bug and hopefully it can get fixed otherwise a lot of work that went into creating unique lead-ins went to waste. Gus also mentions there being an intriguing storyline at the start of every game and never follows up on it. I’ll go into this more along with my full impressions of Madden 11 Sunday night.

All videos feature gameplay on default All-Pro difficulty with no slider adjustments. Continue on to check out the videos and leave your thoughts in the comments!