Updates Coming to Madden Ultimate Team

Posted August 17th, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Yesterday a few updates that will be rolling out for Madden 11’s Madden Ultimate Team were laid out. It sounds as though they will be arriving in the patch that has been slated to be delivered around the start of the NFL’s regular season.

Amongst the updates is the ability to view the lineup of teams from the leaderboard, which is pretty neat if you’re interested in seeing how other teams are shaped but without the ability to play friends in the mode not sure how many will care about that. More importantly you’ll be able to see the lineup of your opponent in the team select screen before firing up an online game.

Also being added are new “Fantasy Football” cards that will be shaped based on the big performers in fantasy for particular weeks, though I’m not sure how that is different than making cards based on big performances in games as has been the case already. There will also be the inclusion of “Rookie Cards” bringing in this year’s rookies. More collections are being added including those for rookies, AFL uniforms, and Legendary Stadiums.

Unfortunately the main concern with MUT continues to go unaddressed. That is the rampant nature of quitting which has wreaked havoc on the mode. There is no penalty to quitters, but even more importantly no coins being granted to those who are quit on. That has resulted in many basically swearing off the mode in the meantime as there is little incentive to try to play through an online MUT game when the likelihood is on the way to a victory they’ll be quit on and get nothing out of the time that had been invested. Apparently the “Continue vs CPU” option has no chance of returning but something will have to be done, and soon, to address the issue.