Madden 11 Online Issues Remain Unaddressed

Posted August 18th, 2010 at 4:45 pm

Eight days have passed since the release of Madden 11 and there has still been no official statements regarding the online play related troubles gamers have encountered. As covered in my online impressions the big ones include first half quits in ranked games not penalizing quitters with a loss or those quit on with a win/ability to play CPU out, quits at any point in Madden Ultimate Team ending as though they never happened with no coins being awarded, the ability to play friends or those challenged from lobby rooms to ranked games, and lag that makes its presence known by affecting the consistency with the kick meter.

Though various tweets from EA Sports reps have acknowledged the issues at hand with the situation currently being evaluated as to how to proceed, every day that goes by results in more and more gamers getting frustrated. Last year EA cited data on how many gamers played a single online game and never returned. The numbers this year will show an astonishing rise in quitting and users giving up on ranked games already…and possibly for good. There is no guarantee that they will return even after the fixes are implemented which is why the lack of foresight that went into the changes regarding quitting especially will have lasting repercussions.