The Latest on NBA Elite 11

Posted August 25th, 2010 at 5:07 pm

There has been a lot of talk about NBA Elite 11 and its incoming features but so far little in the way of actual demonstration of it in action and even a noticeable lack of images. That remains even as its rival has surprisingly seen a deluge of gameplay videos. Understandably that has some nervous about the current state of NBA Elite 11. While that may not subside until the demo hits there are some new details on the game that have recently made their way out.

The latest Game Informer has a preview of NBA Elite 11. Discussed is the “Become Legendary” mode which includes the Jordan Brand showcase game that will also be part of the Elite demo. The progression system in the career mode will be based on awarding skill points from “game grades, statistical performances, and how you bounce back after bad games”.  The EASBA online league structure will have its own player and team progression along with monthly champions (think EASHL in NHL). Dynasty mode is getting some big changes such as a “GM tracker”, revamped rookie classes, and a rebuilt sim engine.

ESPN has gone into further detail on the Become Legendary and EASBL modes which you can check out here. Of note is that it can go on for up to 25 seasons including trade offers and contract signings. The two are actually completely separate so BL players are not the ones used in EASBL. Instead new ones are created for the online mode which should help balance things out with a cap that will be around a 90 rating.

A new video has been released as well which details the game’s “Real AI”. Check it out below and leave your thoughts on everything in the comments!