The State of Commenting

Posted August 28th, 2010 at 9:12 am

Lately I’ve gotten a few requests to moderate the comment section differently due to arguments that have enveloped discussion threads. So I wanted to get some thoughts on what everyone would like to see done and take those into consideration.

This dilemma seems to be primarily restricted to the NBA Elite and NBA 2K articles which isn’t a surprise. It remains ironic that people clamor for competition yet the one sport that actually has it ends up with everyone taking a side and going at the throats of those supporting the other. The issue isn’t in disagreements or comments towards the games, but in that they get personal and swallow up any decent discussion that might take place. And this isn’t limited to a single poster. While there are certainly a few that get the brunt of the spotlight there are even more that are baiting it to happen.

I’ve always believed the comments should be left wide open (the forum is for more focused discussion) but on rare occasion have had to step in when things crossed the line. To my recollection there have only been two users banned in the 3+ year site history. However in this case it might now require further moderation. Whether that be editing out certain parts of comments or deleting those in question all together. For the time being I’m looking at doing that selectively.

Just to be clear though this won’t represent a change in philosophy. You’ll always have the opportunity to voice your feelings on the games. This goes more to comments that attack a user’s opinion or throw things off the rails. So let me know how what you think could be done to help the comment section!