Anyone Pick Up Playstation Move?

Posted September 17th, 2010 at 4:11 pm

So Playstation Move launched today for the PS3 to what seems to be very little fanfare. The launch lineup is weak and the general perception seems to be that it is basically just Wii HD. The costs also are high when considering most people will feel the need to buy multiple devices in order to take full advantage of the system.

Tiger Woods 11 on the PS3 has Move functionality patched in and next month’s John Daly’s Prostroke Golf will include it as well. NBA 2K11 tacks on Move for the blacktop dunk contest along with a scheme for use in regular gameplay.That is about the extent of it for now when it comes to sports games though MLB 11: The Show will offer it as an optional control scheme as well next year. Early word has been that it works really well in Tiger but not quite so in 2K11 and it is doubtful that anyone would choose to play that way regardless. There is a reason why motion control for most team sports games have not been successful and I can’t imagine that changing due to the system being played on.

Did you pick up Playstation Move, have you tried it, or just have no interest in it? Leave your thoughts in the comments!