FIFA 11 Issues Being Worked On

Posted October 9th, 2010 at 12:17 pm

EA Sports has released details on some of the areas that are receiving attention in FIFA 11 for upcoming server updates or patches. This list does not account for everything that the potential patch could include but it seems they wanted to keep the lines of communication open and show they are being responsive to consumer feedback.

  • Various crashes reported through our automated systems
  • Micro-pausing in offline and online matches
  • OTP Club issues related to searching, lag during peak and stat reporting
  • Gameplay fixes around positioning and advantage rule
  • Career Mode fixes around stat display and growth
  • Online exploits, Pro Passing in ranked matches, and cheaters punishment
  • Custom Chants issues

At this time there is no indication on when the fixes will be delivered. Though FIFA 11 has been received extremely well there are always going to be issues with any game but how they are getting on top of them quickly is especially encouraging.