EA Sports MMA Fight Card #1

Posted October 21st, 2010 at 10:10 pm

The Fight Cards feature in EA Sports MMA is one of the most impressive online features in any sports game to date. Allowing for up to 10 people to take part through five fights (one at each weight class) the card progresses with all the users involved spectating as it goes from one fight to the next.

Between myself and Jerkfacefave we are looking at holding a Fight Card (possibly multiple if time allows) on Friday nights going forward for as long as the demand is there. The idea is to then potentially record the events and post up recaps with video on the front page of the site on Saturdays. Hey, and maybe you can even parlay these wins into bragging rights for hype videos and end up on a Live Broadcast.

The Fight Card events will be held on the 360. The first attempt at a Fight Card presents itself immediately on Friday night (10/22) at 10et/7pt. If more people show up than fits on a Fight Card it’ll just be whoever gets in the room as it begins. Others are free to arrange their own Cards but I won’t be able to cover them in the same manner. If not enough people arrive to fill up the room then we may just bring in randoms to complete it or go with a smaller Card.

The only thing I ask is a bit of variety in fighter choices. Ranked online fights have everyone just picking the top rated guys in their respective weight classes. Getting a bit more variety though this would make it more fun. Check my twitter at the start time and throughout for any updates.

If you may be able to drop by and participate leave a comment here or post in the forum.