Code Unlocks 3D for Madden 11

Posted October 25th, 2010 at 9:09 am

EA Sports has announced that a code, found on specially branded bags of Doritos, will unlock a 3D mode in Madden 11. ESPN has further details on the news which includes noting that any pair of red and blue 3D glasses will work. A 3D television set or special glasses will not be required. The Doritos bags will be arriving in stores this week.

Everything on screen will be 3D and given that they’ve gone the cheap glasses route the final result certainly won’t be anything spectacular or that adds to the experience. This summer EA Sports president Peter Moore talked about how 3D wasn’t really working for sports games given the need for special camera angles and the hit taken by the framerate. What they’ve done here though is just tacked on the 3D as a gimmick that can be turned on or off and in that regard maybe it will be a fun option to try out.