Madden 11 Coming Soon to Android

Posted December 9th, 2010 at 4:30 pm

It was way back in late August that EA Mobile tweeted me regarding Madden 11 heading to Android and that more details would be coming in a few weeks. Well it has taken over three months but the game is finally starting to emerge. A software update is bringing it to the Verizon Droid X imminently but it seems it won’t be arriving in the Android app store until early next year.

Though there are no official details having been released it appears the game will be selling for $9.99 which is higher than the iOS version. Madden 11 released for the iPhone and iPod touch originally for $7.99 and now goes for $4.99. I’m not sure why it would cost more other than maybe it has to do with being the first Madden made for the platform while gamers on the iPhone may have already purchased Madden 10 for their devices.

Still I’m excited for the release even with the price being a bit higher than expected. Outside of FIFA 10 this will be the first EA Sports title to make it to Android. The game has been very well received on iOS (here’s the review from August) so hopefully it will carry that quality over to the Android version as well.