Final Destination 6 and 7 Being Planned

Posted February 1st, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Remember when The Final Destination, the fourth entry in the series, was supposed to be the last? Not only is a fifth film set to release this August but now there is talk about the sixth and seventh movies being filmed back-to-back. Those would go into development should Final Destination 5 perform well at the box office.

Final Destination has remained profitable with every release because the budgets are relatively low. That is largely due to casting of newcomers or relative unknowns. Built-in audiences have shown up on opening weekends and final tallies have just about doubled what the budgets have been (and that doesn’t include DVD where they have performed well too).

It is a similar approach to how Saw has continued to be successful despite degrading returns. That franchise though seems to finally be finished.¬†Final Destination has always been fun and I don’t mind that more are being made as long as the creativity involved keeps things interesting.