Update Coming to FIFA Ultimate Team

Posted February 2nd, 2011 at 3:00 pm

A patch is coming to FIFA 11 that will be delivering new features and improvements to Ultimate Team Mode. The free-to-play but microtransaction supported team building game has proven to be a huge success and originated in the FIFA series. Now with a patch due on February 17th for the 360 and PS3 the value found in Ultimate Team will be expanded even further.

New to the mode will be the ability to play other Ultimate Teams offline in the “Play-A-Friend Challenge”. Previously the only way to play those teams has been in online matches but now users will be able to take them on as controlled by the CPU. Results are recorded and displayed to friends as they log into the game. Personalized leaderboards, changes to auctions, ‘Power Passing Assistance” being turned off by default in online matches, and many stability improvements are amongst the other changes coming in the patch.