Fight Night Champion 360 Demo Receives Tuner Update

Posted February 8th, 2011 at 9:30 am

One of the features making its way into Fight Night Champion is the ability to put out “tuner” sets that allow for the gameplay and settings to be adjusted without going through the lengthy patch process. Mixed response to the FNC demo and the opportunity to test out the feature brings about the first tuner update going live for the Xbox 360 today. The original plan never included releasing a tuner for the demo so this should be seen as an added bonus though unfortunate that those on the PS3 won’t get the same chance to try it out.

There are three areas being tinkered with in the tuner in response to direct feedback provided by the community. The stamina regeneration rate is being slightly reduced, the stamina loss for missed/blocked punches is being slightly increased, and the overall punch power and health loss from each punch is being increased.

Despite the issues experienced (check out the video Padrecast) again this shows the potential of an early demo almost acting as a quasi-beta and one made even more significant due to the inclusion of online head-to-head. If the FNC team can get the game more properly balanced for release then it will have proven quite valuable.