Final Madden 11 Roster Update Out Next Week

Posted February 11th, 2011 at 9:40 am

The post-Super Bowl roster update for Madden 11 is slated to be out next week which will include a new one for Online Franchise as well. The roster update is expected take a final wide look at the performance levels for individuals and teams around the league and stabilize the rosters returning any remaining players from the IR. Considering the outlook for the next NFL season is on shaky ground, in terms of Madden 12 more so than ever these ratings could shape up to be the baseline and deviate less than usual.

The roster update will be the 20th update of the season, easily the most for any year in the history of the Madden. Despite the problems with the game and the general lack of enthusiasm towards it, EA Sports did provide an extraordinary level of post-release support which is a good sign heading into Madden 12.