MLB 11: The Show Pitching Controls Tutorial; 2K Sports Not Impressed

Posted February 15th, 2011 at 11:30 am

The big new feature for MLB 11: The Show comes with the implementation of analog controls. In regards to the pitching mechanic it involves what is essentially a meter like years past however utilizing the right analog stick to determine strength and accuracy based on the down-up motion and release point. To show off the new system SCEA has released a tutorial video going over how the analog pitching works which can be viewed on the Gamestop page (scroll down and select ‘Pure Pitching Tutorial Video’ in the right column).

Meanwhile MLB 2K11 designer Sean Bailey has expressed his thoughts on The Show’s pitching mechanic during an interview with Destructoid. One could point to the MLB 2K series in its adaption of analog-heavy controls three years ago as the reason why The Show would feel the need to make a similar change now. Despite 2K’s struggles that has been how they have best differentiated from the competition so understandably they may feel a bit threatened.

Every single one of their pitches is going to be down-up. Well, you know, as a 2K player, that’s going to get boring to me, because that’s a four-seam fastball — that’s the easiest pitch in our game.

It’ll be especially important to have a pre-release demo considering it will take some time to adapt to the new analog pitching, hitting, and fielding controls. Unfortunately there has still been no word on when to expect a demo. Last year SCEA chose not to put one out pre-release. Also make sure check out 36 brand new screenshots that were added today in the gallery!