EA Sports MMA Gets Tuning Update

Posted March 4th, 2011 at 12:45 pm

While the recent patch for EA Sports MMA caught some by surprise and the company has not stopped there with post-release support. A tuner for the game has been released that affects heavyweight, middleweight, and lightweight classes.

Areas such as stamina drain and regeneration, health regeneration, blocking, and more have received adjustments. This appears to be a significant update to gameplay and early response to the changes have been quite positive. Continue on to check out the full details on what the tuning update provides and leave any thoughts in the comments!

•Blocking now takes priority over parrying. The block effectiveness has been raised so players will be able to block more strikes than before. A missed parry will result in a higher likelihood of stun so use your parries carefully.

•Stamina System has received a major overhaul. Strikes will now drain more stamina than before, however stamina regeneration has also increased. This is done to discourage spamming and encourage more realistic striking combinations.

•Health will regenerate slower than before, especially while blocking. This in combination with the adjusted blocking will require you to be more methodical and plan for a longer fight where you slowly chip away at your opponent.

•A few windows and timers have been adjusted on the ground. You will now have more success knocking people out from positions other than mount and backmount. You will also have to carefully balance when you decide to block, parry, and pass.

•The power of knees and the stamina loss in the clinch upon failed takedowns has been adjusted. We have more accurately captured the devastating power of a knee to the face, but you have to be very careful about when you use this because it requires a lot of stamina.

•Updated all of the fighter records and adjusted a few fighters that needed to be more balanced.