All 30 Authentic Broadcast Camera Angles in MLB 2K11

Posted March 10th, 2011 at 9:20 am

Both baseball titles this year introduced television broadcast cameras tailored to the specifics for each team. MLB 2K11’s broadcast cameras appear somewhat less pronounced than those in MLB 11: The Show and a few are very different (the Braves for one). The only issue I have encountered due to the angles is with those stadiums where the view is zoomed out considerably like in Tampa. The ball cursor is so big, and the strike zone available so small, it is difficult to place pitches with any precision.

I’ll leave it to those who are familiar with each stadium’s broadcast angle to determine which game better represented them. Continue on for a look at all 30 angles in MLB 2K11!

AL East

AL Central

AL West

NL East

NL Central

NL West