Soldier Field Coming to Madden 12

Posted March 11th, 2011 at 6:15 pm

Football games have been forced to go without officially having Soldier Field as the home of the Chicago Bears. In the case of Madden it has instead been referred to as “Chicago Stadium” while NFL 2K5 called it “Chicago Field”.┬áThis has all been due to a licensing issue as the stadium is owned by the Chicago Park District. They have remained unresponsive over the years despite being consistently approached for the license to use Soldier Field in games.

Though the resemblance to Soldier Field is there with “Chicago Stadium” EA Sports has been unable to replicate the stadium in the manner that they have with all the others. Finally though it appears that the necessary licensing has been obtained and Soldier Field will be included in Madden NFL 12. Phil Frazier tweeted the news which should be exciting for Bears fans in particular as well as those looking for complete authenticity league wide.