Eastbound & Down To End With Third Season

Posted March 12th, 2011 at 2:15 pm

Danny McBride, who plays the lead character Kenny Powers on the HBO comedy Eastbound & Down, has stated that the upcoming third season of the series will be its last. The season is being written now with filming to occur over the summer and premiere expected late this year or early 2012. It will almost certainly revolve around the coming parenthood for Kenny and April.

This is probably good news given that the show just didn’t work as well in its second season and the characters quickly became grating. The final two episodes of the season ended up much more entertaining but it still showed that the concept wouldn’t work for much longer. The first season was incredibly funny, and the character of Kenny Powers is brilliant, but much of what made it great was having no real expectations and surprising audiences. That isn’t something that can be recreated in later seasons.