Second Set of New NCAA Football 12 Plays

Posted March 24th, 2011 at 11:00 am

EA Sports is continuing to reveal the 25 new plays for NCAA Football 12 on a daily basis. If you missed the first set check them out here. What follows are the next six in line to be added to the game, three defensive and three offensive. 

4-2-5 Over Thunder Zero Cop
A new addition to the 4-2-5 defensive playbook, Thunder Zero Cop is an aggressive pressure scheme that calls for both inside linebackers and the strong side safety to blitz. The unique aspect of the scheme is the term “Cop”, which tells the defensive end to play man coverage, usually on a tight end.

Weak I Normal Y Over Fly Sweep
Oregon State’s Weak I Normal Fly Sweep has the TE aligned on the line of scrimmage to the split end side of the formation. This creates an unbalanced set to the left with extra blockers for the fly sweep.

Shotgun Twin TE Slot PA Slide
This is a play action boot pass that has two deep crossing receivers and one receiver, usually a TE, who slides under the line of scrimmage and in the flat. Oregon likes to use this play once they get near their opponent’s red zone. They’re usually successful at getting the ball to one of the crossing receivers for a big play.

3-3-5 Okie NCAA Blitz 3
The 3-3-5 Okie formation is new to NCAA Football 12. This formation allows teams that base out of the 3-3-5 defense to get into a more rational “3-4 Normal” look. A widely used scheme from this look is the NCAA Blitz 3 which is a three deep, three under fire zone scheme.

Pistol Spread RNS Switch Smash
Hawaii’s run and shoot offense can now be run from the Pistol formation. The traditional staples such as RNS Switch Smash can now be found in the new Pistol Spread formation. Hawaii and SMU’s playbook also features the run and shoot version of Pistol 4WR Trips.

Quarters Normal Dbl Loop 3
With the ever increasing popularity of spread style offenses in NCAA Football, we made the decision to add the Quarters Normal formation to the game. The Quarters normal formation features three down linemen, one linebacker, and seven defensive backs. DBL Loop 3 is an overload fire zone concept that’s used to bring pressure to the weak side of the offense.