Madden 12 To Treat Concussions Differently

Posted March 30th, 2011 at 5:15 pm

Today at the Sports Business Journal World Congress of Sports conference the topic of concussions in the NFL was raised. EA Sports president Peter Moore was on hand and delivered the news that Madden NFL 12 is changing the way concussions are handled. Players that experience a concussion in Madden will be out for the entire game rather than them returning automatically or giving the user the option to reinsert them.

This is a good way to deliver the message that concussions are a serious issue and shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly with the potential influence on youngsters who may think of the injury differently given how it is represented in Madden. However with that it would be fair to expect the game to be tuned to produce concussions infrequently, and that big hits will continue to be deemphasized to go along with the image the NFL wants to portray.