Another Update on Week Two Voting for Madden 12 Cover

Posted April 1st, 2011 at 6:30 pm

More insight on upcoming results were dropped by ESPN a few days into the week of voting in the second round of the Madden NFL 12 cover tournament. The first update noted that Patrick Willis was beating Hines Ward, Adrian Peterson held the edge on Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers was cruising to another easy victory, and Maurice Jones-Drew was locked up in a virtual dead heat with Jamaal Charles.

Other matchups touched on now include Danny Woodhead up on Hakeem Nicks in a battle for the right to be slaughtered by Aaron Rodgers next. Drew Brees and Michael Vick are easily topping their respective opponents. A potential upset in the making finds Peyton Hillis with a slight lead over Matt Ryan. Check back on Monday morning for all the final results and a look at the elite eight still in the running.