Play Along With The Masters on Tiger 12

Posted April 7th, 2011 at 9:15 am

Having teed off this morning the monumental addition of The Masters has understandably acted as the primary marketing point for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. One of the online enabled features, Live Tournaments, looks to capitalize on the current and coming excitement. It will be no more popular at any point than over the next four days.

Given that this is an online feature it does require an “Online Pass” to participate. The free trial for Tiger 12 only lasts for two days, likely to prevent a full tournament and in particular The Masters from being played to completion in a Live Tournament without having bought the game new or purchased the “Online Pass” on its own.

Live Tournaments allow for players to play the courses and see their respective scores posted alongside the golfers who are competing in the real life tournaments. The best idea is to play one round each day but given time considerations it is possible to play ahead (though the experience might not be fully realized that way). There are two tournaments set up with one on “Tour Pro” difficulty and the other on “Tournament” difficulty.