SSX Drops Deadly Descents Subtitle

Posted April 7th, 2011 at 3:00 pm

The return of SSX was highly anticipated and celebrated but immediately after being announced backlash began to build based on the various descriptions and screenshots of the game. What was a fun and colorful franchise had been made into something dark and gritty. Considering there is still upwards of a year of development ahead EA Sports has had the opportunity to make changes or additions to the game since it was first revealed back in December.

There are a couple important pieces of info to pull from a GameInformer interview with creative director Todd Batty. For one the game will simply be known as SSX. Though it remains a mode in the game ‘Deadly Descents’ is no longer part of the official title. Though EA never implied there would be different types of modes and ‘Deadly Descents’ is only one they now are explaining the game in that manner. The other two gameplay modes will be ‘Speed Descents’ and ‘Tricky Descents’. There will also be several returning characters to join new ones.

It appears EA made a mistake in the way they represented the game early on or they simply have made changes based on the feedback and are claiming that to have been the plan all along. Regardless the news should be comforting for fans of the series. Check out a couple new screenshots that show off the different tone in the gallery!