Fourth Set of New Plays for NCAA Football 12

Posted April 8th, 2011 at 10:41 am

EA Sports is continuing the gradual reveal 25 new plays for NCAA Football 12 and here are the latest five. Brief descriptions accompany the play art for each. 

Shotgun Trio HB Wk PA Husker Y Post
Nebraska’s offense is known for generating big plays in the running game. To compliment their explosive rushing attack the Huskers will often use play action passes. Shotgun Trio HB Wk PA Husker Y Post is a play Nebraska uses with great success for getting the ball deep down the field to their tight end for a touchdown.

Shotgun Normal Flex Ark HB Wheel
Shotgun Normal Flex Ark HB Wheel should be a familiar play to the fans of Arkansas. This is the same play the Hogs used to score a touchdown on the third play of the game against Alabama last season. The concept known as “Shark” in the Arkansas terminology uses a shallow cross/dig combination in the middle of the field and a post/wheel combination on the outside.

Dime 3-2-6 Spinner Buck Dog 1
An aggressive blitz pressure scheme that’s used by teams such as LSU and Nebraska, Dime 3-2-6 Spinner Buck Dog 1 is a good play to use in passing situations. The play uses a six man pass rush which includes the right cornerback. This concept along with reference material was provided to us through community feedback.

Shotgun Wing Trips Wk Tiger Buck Sweep
Clemson’s new no-huddle shotgun based offense will strive for balance with the run and pass. A staple run play of the Tigers’ new offense figures to be Shotgun Wing Trips WK Tiger Buck Sweep. The play is an off shoot of the Wing-T Buck Sweep in which both guards pull and lead block for the ball carrier.

3-4 Predator Cover 2 Sink
The 3-4 Predator is a defensive set that calls for the right outside linebacker to align in a three point stance. This gives teams that base out of the 3-4 the ability to get into a 4-3 look. Cover 2 Sink has both corners getting depth on their zone drops in order to take away the natural void in Cover 2 between the safeties and cornerbacks.