Has Someone Already Won the MLB 2K11 Perfect Game Contest?

Posted April 8th, 2011 at 11:00 am

By all accounts the $1 Million Perfect Game Contest for MLB 2K11 has proven to be more challenging than that of MLB 2K10 which ended on the very first day. Whether it be due to the difficulty being adjusted, the addition of errors and less reliable fielding, or any number of bugs or freezing issues there has been more frustration communicated about the contest this year. It now appears though that at least one person has achieved a perfect game within the special dedicated mode as a video has surfaced showing the feat. 

The video however only confirms that a perfect game has been pitched. It does not on its own signal that all the rules were met to qualify it as a valid entry, and it also does not rule out a qualifying perfect game having been previously completed. This video alone is not the entirety that is required starting before turning on the console all the way through the display of the code, could be argued to be of too low a quality, no one really knows if defensive shifts are even allowed (since mound visits and “pausing” aren’t) though not explicitly mentioned in the rules, and so on. Really any attempt could be picked apart and made questionable.

Essentially it all comes down to complete interpretation from Twin Galaxies, the company that has been contracted to review them. Those who enjoy attempting the contest should probably continue to do so just in case any perfect games that may have been turned in don’t meet the stringent requirements. Those who don’t, well, probably have given up already or weren’t going to waste their time playing MLB 2K11 to begin with.

Sadly it looks like the key to success is simply pitching high curve balls, which is all that was done in the video. 2K Sports is unlikely to begin the verification process until the entire contest period comes to an end September 28th. They have no incentive to push for a determination any earlier as they would lose what has acted as their only marketing angle for the title.