FIFA Street 4 May Be One of the New EA Sports Titles

Posted April 13th, 2011 at 5:30 pm

It seems it didn’t take long for one of the three new titles in the works at EA Sports to get leaked. NXT Gamer has received an image from an online survey that appears to not only confirm the existence of the game but also lay out actual features. File this in the rumor category for now but it appears to be legitimate. What is unknown is whether the survey was intended to research the prospects of making the game or rather set the expectations for it’s eventual release if already advancing through development.

FIFA Street 3 was absolutely miserable making my “Worst of 2009” list. There have also been other attempts at arcade-style soccer games most recently last year’s bomb Pure Futbol from Ubisoft. Is there a market for these games? Possibly, considering the extreme popularity of the sport worldwide, but it may be best suited as a downloadable offering through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network similar to how EA has delivered NHL and Madden Arcade. Regardless I’d be pretty disappointed if this is the way they went instead of making a dedicated MLS game.