NCAA Football 12 Introducing New Tackling System; Pre-Order Bonuses Appearing

Posted April 20th, 2011 at 9:15 am

So far the majority of the information regarding NCAA Football 12 has centered on improvements to presentation and yesterday that was put on prime display with the debut trailer. Now though updated retail listings for NCAA Football 12 describe a new tackling system as well.

Enhanced Tackling Engine – Your college gameday experience rises to a whole new level with an all-new momentum-based collision and tackling system that allows you to control a player through the moment of impact.

The pre-order bonuses are also being detailed with Gamestop having an exclusive on the Pro Combat uniforms for TCU, Ohio State, Boise State, Pittsburgh, and Virginia Tech. Amazon is offering the “NCAA Football 12 Starter Guide” which is described as being a handbook to the most essential offensive and defensive plays. They have also listed the 360 version at $3 off and may end up doing the promotional credit (such as with Madden 12) eventually as well. Walmart and Best Buy have yet to detail any pre-order deals of their own.