Fourth Set of New Plays in Madden 12

Posted April 23rd, 2011 at 9:45 am

EA Sports is continuing the gradual reveal of 25 new plays for Madden NFL 12 and here are the latest five. Brief descriptions accompany the play art for each. 

Dolphins-Doubles Wk-Dolphins Wheel
New Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll used this play last year in Cleveland with Peyton Hillis catching a 19-yard touchdown pass during a Week 5 game versus the Atlanta Falcons. The HB will run a wheel route out of the backfield while the two receivers to that side run routes to clear out the defense.

Sub 2-3-6 Overload 3 Seam
A growing trend in the NFL is the use of what’s commonly referred to as “Sub” personnel defenses in normal down and distance situations. In Madden NFL 12, new defensive sets such as Sub 2-3-6 which uses two defensive linemen, three linebackers, three safeties, and three cornerbacks cater to that trend. Overload 3 Seam is a three deep, three under fire zone concept in which the zone defenders use a pattern read technique that causes the zone coverage to play more like a man to man defense.

Sub 2-3-6 Odd Mike Edge 2 Buzz
Sub 2-3-6 Odd uses the same personnel grouping as does Sub 2-3-6 of two down linemen, three linebackers, three safeties, and three cornerbacks. The use of an Odd front in which the Center is covered allows the defense to use multiple looks. Mike Edge 2 Buzz is a play from this defensive set that uses pre-snap movement in order to confuse the offense.

Sub 2-3-6 Even Sugar Blitz
Sub 2-3-6 Even is a defensive set in which the two outside linebackers will align in a three point stance. This gives the defense a four down linemen look with two athletic speed rushers coming off the edge. The Sugar Blitz is a play in which the middle linebacker and strong safety will align in the left and right A gaps in order to blitz.

Sub 2-3-6 Even Sugar Fire Zone
Sub 2-3-6 Even Sugar Fire Zone, like the Sugar Blitz play, calls for the middle linebacker and strong safety to align in their respective A gap to show blitz. Once the ball is snapped the strong safety blitzes while the middle linebacker drops into zone. The coverage on the back end of the blitz is a three under, three deep pattern read zone.