Final Set of New Plays in Madden 12

Posted April 29th, 2011 at 11:45 am

EA Sports has completed the reveal of 25 new plays being added to Madden NFL 12 with these being the last four. Brief descriptions accompany the play art for each.

Sub 2-3-6 Even Sugar 3 Bluff
Sub 2-3-6 Even Sugar 3 Bluff has the middle linebacker, strong safety, and nickel cornerback all aligned in a show blitz look. This look is meant to gives the offense the illusion of an all out blitz. Once the ball is snapped the aforementioned three players will each drop to their respective zones looking to read the releases of the receiver routes in the zone coverage.

Dime Normal Corner Roll 2
A common “Disguise Coverage” pressure scheme that’s used in the NFL, Dime Normal Corner Roll 2 calls for the right and nickel cornerbacks to blitz off the edge. This play is primarily used when the ball is placed on the left hashmark. This shortens the distance the two corners have to go to get to the quarterback.

Nickel 1-5-5 Prowl Dbl Loop
In third down passing situations it’s not all that unusual to see an NFL defense align in some form of exotic defensive look. Defensive coordinators use these types of looks in order to confuse the quarterback as well as the offensive line. Nickel 1-5-5 Prowl Dbl Loop is a play that fits that description. Each player in the defensive front uses pre-snap movement to a different position in order to carry out their pass rush assignments.

Goal Line 6-4-1 GL Man
A solid short yardage and Goal Line defensive package is a vital part of any defensive game plan. Goal Line 6-4-1 is specifically designed as a counter to the offensive Goal Line formation. With each gap accounted for, this short yardage package will greatly improve the effectiveness of short yardage defense.