NCAA Football 12 Details: Custom Playbooks

Posted May 9th, 2011 at 4:00 pm

It’s been known for quite some time but EA Sports today finally confirmed the existence of custom playbooks in NCAA Football 12. The Gaming Tailgate has been given the clear to talk details on the new feature and it looks to be nearly identical to what has been implemented in Madden 12. Below is some of the information but head on over there to read more or ask any questions regarding the feature.

Each playbook holds up to 400 plays and can include 40 different formations. There is a maximum of 15 offensive and 15 defensive playbooks that can be created. Within the books the plays can even be sorted to fall in a particular order or on a particular line (which displays three plays at a time). Thankfully the custom playbooks can be used in online games as well as Online Dynasty mode however there will be no feature to allow for playbooks to be shared.