MLB 2K11 Patch Details

Posted May 18th, 2011 at 2:30 pm

After a wait of over ten weeks 2K Sports has finally delivered a patch for MLB 2K11. Plagued since release by numerous bugs and severe AI issues many of the fixes are intended to address those problems. The patch is available now for the Xbox 360 and PC but has been delayed for the PS3 due to the lengthy PSN outage.

Among the most important fixes are getting fatigue to function properly in Association mode, reduction in number of injuries, fixing the home run wall glitch, and improved baserunning. Though early some issues have been discovered with the one prompting the most discussion by far being a detrimental change to hitting in online games. Continue on for a look at all the changes said to come with this patch and leave any thoughts in the comments!

– Batters will no longer hit unrealistic, soft liners

  • More grounders instead of soft liners
  • Improved hit distribution

– How hard CPU AI batters hit the ball is more closely matched to their power ratings than it was before

  • More home runs by power hitting CPU AI players
  • Not as many HRs by weak hitting CPU AI players

– Improved CPU AI batter logic for taking pitches

  • Will not chase as many poorly thrown balls
  • Will take advantage of more poorly thrown strikes

– The 2K10 base running camera has been added as an option
– The pitch type “Splitter” is now considered a breaking ball rather than a “Fastball” when displayed in the pitch tells/batter’s eye while batting
– In-game sub screen off the directional pad will now show the batter’s pitch count when a pitcher is up to bat

– All-star caliber and elite starting pitchers will not get subbed out of the game after giving up some early runs early in the game

  • Sub logic has been re-tuned to allow team’s aces to stay on the mound longer during rough, early innings

– Middle relievers do not stay in the game as long unless their performance warrants more innings

  • Poorly rated relief pitchers also have a much quicker “hook” to be taken out of the game

– In-game sub screen off the directional pad will show all reliever’s available pitch count range when pitcher is on the mound (including pitcher who is on the mound)
– In-game sub screen off the directional pad will now show the batter’s pitch count when a pitcher is up to bat
– The pitch type “Splitter” is now considered a breaking ball rather than a “Fastball” when displayed in the pitch tells/batter’s eye while batting

– Fixed bug where robbing a HR counted as both an out and a HR
– Fixed bug where fielder clipped/penetrated through wall to catch HR
– Catches and gathers by both AI and User teams will not take as long to break out of

  • Throwing to a base or to the cut-off man is much more responsive now

– Fielders and catchers will not rotate or spin in place when setting up for a pop fly
– Fixed bug where CPU AI outfielders would hold the ball instead of throwing when users tag up

  • CPU AI outfielders attempt to gun out user base runners whenever there is a chance at a close play

– CPU AI fielders now make relay throws whenever possible
– Smoother looking catches

  • Fielders no longer stutter or pop when waiting underneath a fly ball

– Running throws will not trigger from standing catches

  • Smoother looking, more appropriate throw selection when a standing catch triggers

– Fielders will no longer play “give-up” animations in slow motion
– Bugs involving  the correct number of errors have been addressed

  • Previously, multiple errors were recorded when runners advanced an extra base on a throwing error
  • Previously, a play would be incorrectly ruled a base hit instead of a throwing error when the 1st baseman was pulled off the bag by a poor throw on a play that should have resulted in an out

– Fixed bug where 3rd baseman would not attempt to tag a baserunner who was sliding in on a steal attempt after a strikeout
– Fixed ball warping on catches by the catcher
– Catcher behaves appropriately when home runs are hit and when line drives are hit

  • No longer stands and sits, nor does he face the wrong way

– CPU AI fielders will no longer chase down foul balls that are going to land several rows into the crowd
– There are no longer issues or bugs preventing you from assigning and playing with a left-handed 2B, SS, or Catcher

Base Running
– CPU AI base runners will behave more realistically

  • They will attempt to score from 2nd more often
  • They will go from first to 3rd more often
  • They will attempt doubles more often with 2 outs
  • CPU AI and user base runners will always run home from 3rd with 2 outs
  • CPU AI will send base runner home from 3rd on grounders with 0-1 outs
  • Base runners no longer leave the base path when returning to a base
  • Base runners can no longer overlap each other if the man on first retreats after the batter has already decided to go to 2nd
  • Baserunners retreat to their base quicker on line drive outs
  • Fast, aggressive base runners will behave accordingly
  • Creates more gun outs and more plays at the plate as well
  • Baserunners decelerate slightly when rounding bases
  • Rather than maintaining sprint speed

–  The 2K10 base running camera has been added as an option
–  Base runners no longer run in place nor in slow motion when retreating to a base after a pitch lands in the dirt
–  Fixed bug where the player replacing an injured base runner would not appear in-game
–  Fixed bug where pinch runner for injured player appears at the plate rather than on base
–  Fixed pinch runner bug where inserting a pinch runner would put him on 1st instead of 2nd or 3rd

My Player/Franchise
– Fixed My Player crashes
– Fixed crashes involving departed players screen in Franchise
– Fixed franchise mode crashes that occur on the schedule screen when simulating games
– Addressed issue with pitcher fatigue in franchise mode

  • After a user game was played in-game, the pitchers who played would have their stamina reset to 99 the following day

– Both simulated injuries and in-game injuries occur with less frequency in all modes

  • Also, there won’t be as many players on the DL at the same time

– Assigning all free agents in franchise mode will no longer crash the game during the transition to the regular season
– Fixed crash when user trades 6 pitchers for 6 injured pitchers in franchise mode
– Fixed crashes involving edited players in a draft in franchise mode
– Improved logic for Comeback Player of the Year award

  • No longer will rookies who were called up in the middle of the season win comeback player of the year the following season

– Fixed PC bug in which headlines in franchise mode would not display the names of created players

  • Used to say “#######” instead of player name (now fixed)

– All team and individual records have been updated and/or corrected
– Addressed My Player mentor audio and text bugs
– My Player pitchers receive full amount of points awarded even when they do not pitch a complete game
– My Player pitchers no longer receive points twice for getting a win in a game
– ALCS, NLCS, and World series are now in the correct 2-3-2 format rather than 2-2-1-1-1

– In the 2nd patch of MLB2K11, we wanted to do more than just address bugs.  We’ve added new technology to create a batting experience online that is lag free.  The responsiveness and twitch feels just like that of an offline game, regardless of varying connection speeds.  Waiting patiently on an incoming pitch and determining whether it is a ball or a strike before swinging is now a part of the online battle at the plate.  We are excited to roll this out as a part of the patch.
– Fixed online divergences
– Living Roster: The division and league standing show the current 2011 standings now rather than last yr’s 2010 standings
– Living Roster: Stats pages (player stats and league leaders) are now up to date for the 2011 season
– Living Roster: Fixed bug where incorrect players from multiple teams would appear in many different games when viewing the box score menu after the user resets rosters

–  Fixed framerate issues during gameplay

  • Foul balls, balls hit into play, fielding fly balls

–  Fixed in-game freezes and crashes

  • Presentation related crashes (team logos, graphics, etc)
  • Gameplay crash has been fixed on foul balls
  • Gameplay crash has been fixed when 2 players converge on same foul ball/popfly
  • Fixed injury related crashes in-game
  • Fixed in-game crashes associated with viewing defensive alignment

– Fixed crash involving changing all pitches in edit player to a fastball and then changing pitch 1 again
– Fixed all bugs which caused either 2 pitchers or 2 batters to appear simultaneously in-game

  • Injury-related

– Player of the game logic has been improved

  • Will no longer give the award to a member of the losing team

– Added an option to turn on “auto-fielding” for the user team

  • When this is turned on, all the user will have to do is handle the pitching when their team is in the field.

– Re-tuned sliders on the tougher difficulties so that realistic stats are achieved both in the field and at the plate
– Base runner speed slider now defaults to 40 instead of 50

  • Frequency of extra base hits are now more realistic

– Added an option to turn on “auto baserunning” for the user team

  • When this is turned on, all the user will have to do is perform the at bats when their team is up to the plate.

– In-game pause summary now shows the pitch count (PC) as yellow and then red when the pitcher is suffering from fatigue.
– Fixed bugs that were preventing custom sounds, music, and playlists from working properly
– Addressed PC button functionality bugs
– Fixed audio bug for umpire on walks

  • Sometimes the ump would say, “3-1” after ball 4 was thrown

– Correct hats are now worn by the Red Sox when they are wearing their alternate home and road uniforms