NCAA Football 12 Dynasty Mode Details

Posted May 19th, 2011 at 11:20 am

EA Sports has released the first details on Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 12 through an IGN preview. The mode will include the ability to create and customize coaches as well as start as a coordinator rather than head coach. While teams could be swapped between conferences before now conferences can be completely altered and formed in any fashion desired.

As was discovered last week Online Dynasty games can be simmed through the website complete with calling the plays and making substitutions along with commissioners being able to advance from week to week.

While Madden 12 put more effort into Franchise as opposed to Superstar mode its starting to look like it is the opposite for NCAA. Road to Glory career mode may have been the primary focus with Dynasty taking a back seat though with these few valuable improvements.¬†What do you think of these first details on NCAA Football 12’s Dynasty mode?