MLB Bobblehead Pros Videos

Posted July 6th, 2011 at 6:45 pm

As I continue to put time in with MLB Bobblehead Pros (which released today on XBLA) to form full impressions here are a couple gameplay videos in the meantime. It took me a couple games hitting nearly all grounders before I learned of a power swing, so you’ll notice the ground outs are frequent on my end. Featured here are segments of Yankees at White Sox, Brewers at Reds, and a second Brewers at Reds but in the rain.

Quick thoughts on the game though – it’s very fun and plays largely sim despite the arcade style visuals. I had to pull my pitcher after 5 1/3 innings having crossed 100 pitches and that right there demonstrates that Bobblehead Pros isn’t such an over-the-top experience. There are some issues – and being forced into a full 162 game season is daunting – but the fun factor is high.