NCAA Football 12 Custom Playbook Troubles

Posted July 12th, 2011 at 1:45 pm

After only a few hours of official release the first major problem with NCAA Football 12 has been discovered. The Custom Playbooks feature – one of the most anticipated additions to NCAA 12 – appears to have a serious glitch that may lead many to decide the current best course of action is to disregard the feature completely in order to avoid experiencing the issue.

Many are now reporting situations where within games their created playbooks display nothing but question marks or empty formations. The team then approaches the line of scrimmage in disarray with bizarre personnel groupings and the result is either a penalty or wasting a time out to prevent it. The instances may reoccur at random times throughout the game.

I’ve spent further time today testing out some quick custom playbooks that I put together using different bases and numbers of formations/plays but still have not had this occur to me with any of them. There must be some manner in which the books are being structured or certain formations/plays causing the problem.¬†What I have noted however is when using custom playbooks the post-play scenes and replays experience slowdown (become very stuttery) and the play call screen is not as smooth to scroll through.

EA Sports is reportedly looking into the issue. Unfortunately should a fix need to be implemented via patch that could be a ways off. For the time being the wait would be a crushing blow to NCAA Football 12 with the loss of confidence in one of its premiere new features.