Madden NFL 12 Team Ratings Arriving Ahead of the Players

Posted July 22nd, 2011 at 6:55 pm

ESPN has started laying out team overall ratings by division in the lead-up to the player rating reveals which will begin in early August. The team ratings are somewhat meaningless at this point given free agency is still yet to occur and major trades could happen but it does provide an opportunity to see any impact from rookies and how the rosters are as they currently stand. The AFC WestAFC East, and AFC North are the first divisions to be broken down.

San Diego Chargers (85), Kansas City Chiefs (84), Oakland Raiders (76), Denver Broncos (74)
New England Patriots (88), New York Jets (87), Miami Dolphins (78), Buffalo Bills (73)
Pittsburgh Steelers (90), Baltimore Ravens (86), Cleveland Browns (74), Cincinnati Bengals (71)