NHL 12 Amazon Deal Includes $10 Promo Credit and Now Release Day Shipping

Posted August 15th, 2011 at 11:15 am

Though promotional credits had been added for several upcoming titles on Amazon what had been missing for some was the release day shipping. NBA 2K12 recently got it as did FIFA 12 last week and now listings have been updated for NHL 12 providing the $10 promotional credit (which can be put to use on future purchases on the site) along with the release day shipping. The credit had been $20 for NHL but has now been reduced to $10 for new orders. Copies of NHL 12 can be pre-ordered here: Xbox 360 – PlayStation 3

With the deal NHL 12 will be delivered on Tuesday September 13th for free for Amazon Prime members or just 99 cents for everyone else. Those who may have previously pre-ordered on Amazon can go in and switch the shipping on that order to ‘release day’ and the change to the total charge will be reflected. Considering the lack of tax in most states the savings can essentially amount to as much as $16 when considering that and factoring in the promo credit.